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1) TechnipFMC Marine Loading & LNG Arm (184 Units) | 2) Test Cell & Barricade Facilities (85 Units) | 3) TechnipFMC Compact Manifold (12 Units) | 4) TechnipFMC LNG Loading Skid (45 Units) | 5) TechnipFMC Truck & Railcar Loading Arm (106 Units) | 6) 300 Ton Test Bed | 7) Marine Fender | 8) TechnipFMC Blending & Transfer | 9) Rig Mud Tank | 10) Pig Launcher | 11) Screw Conveyor | 

TechnipFMC Marine Loading & LNG Arm

A Marine Loading Arm & LNG Arm is an articulated pipe system connect a tankship such as oil tanker or chemical tanker to a cargo terminal. It may manoeuvred manually or hydraulically. Loading arms are generally used for crude oil, refined and chemical products, liquefied gases and ballasting or deballasting duties.

TechnipFMC Compact Manifold 

Manifolds are used extensively throughout the oil and gas industry for distribution of gases and fluids. They are designed to connect multiple junctions into a single channel or split a single channel into multiple junctions. They can direct flow to a production line or from a separator to crude oil burner for disposal. A manifold system can also maintain flow when testing requires certain equipment be pulled out for services. 

TechnipFMC Truck & Railcar Loading Arm

TechnipFMC Blending & Transfer

Pig Launcher