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Manufacture & Fabricate Exactly To Your Specification & Expectation 

Backed by 20 years of experience on hundreds of project worldwide, Wailic delivers all your metal fabrication needs in sizes, design and materials to meet your industry requirement. Every assignment begins with a team of project management talents with turnkey responsibility for supplying full scope of your manufacturing needs until installation service. 

Wailic capabilities are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified operation with full lines consist of;

6) Hydro-testing

7) Cryogenic testing

8) Boxing & packing works

9) Delivery co-ordination

10) Equipment maintenance & servicing works


1) Plate & Pipe cutting works

2) Fit-up & welding works

3) Blasting & painting works

4) Machining works

5) Mechanical assembly works

Approval & instruction given by customer to proceed with manufacturing works.

Issue work order to production

1) Plate & pipe cutting works

Preparation is never lost of time. We perform dimension check, heat number indication, proper filling of mill certificates and rust protection on surplus material for storage purpose. We get the flame cutted plates and pipes stored ready for fit-up and welding process. 

We understand by keeping tract of it all in the beginning minimised possible error and ultimately help in cost reduction. 

2) Fit-up & welding works

We have wide range of welding capabilities include GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, and FCAW. We are capable to perform weld on various type of material & size catering to your project needs. 

We believe a weld must be Fit For Service. We are committed to perform weld that can sustain strongly and never fall. We want to make perfect welds no matter what code or standard is specified.

3) Blasting & painting works

In essence, all best primer and fancy paint won't do you any good if the metal surface is not expertly prepared. Blasting is essential metal finishing process to improve corrosion resistance.


Prior to blasting, we make sure the weather is in suitable temperature with proper checking by calculating Relative Humidity, determining Dew Point and verify Part Temperature. 


During blasting stage, we make sure the surface of material is free from all sort of contamination, vulnerable area of material are protected and weld flux are removed. We carry out full blast according to SA 2.5 from Steel Structure Painting Council (SSPC). We do checking of the blast profile to ensure it is under your specified requirement. 

We proceed to perform painting according to applicable specification. We are capable to carry out 1st coat, 2nd coat & final coat painting system. We check and ensure paint thickness comply to customer expectation.  

4) Machining works (Drilling, Lathe & Milling)

Screws and screw thread literally hold the world together. There are nearly as many types and forms of thread as there are products that use threaded fasterners and connections. We focus on manual lathe and mill because it develop an accurate sense of feel to hold on for the particular setup. 

In future, we want to embark on CNC (Claimed Numerically-Controlled) equipment. We believe moving forward towards faster & better technological edge allow us to be more competitive.

As a machinist journeyman, by putting two parts that mate together with a precision and smoothness is not only for customer satisfaction but is also a satisfying working experience. 

5) Mechanical Assembly Work

We are capable to perform assemble and fabrication of mechanical parts, pieces or products using a variety of tools and equipment according to  your required specifications in the production line under our manufacturing organisation.


We can interpret and follow blueprints, diagrams, engineering drawings, specification, bills of materials, written instructions and procedures to accurately assembly equipment. 

We have fully assembled 87 units of Bi-Directional Pigs that are designed to be used for displacement of water or air, removal of debris, liquid evacuation and/or product separation which is one of the project that we achieved with great pleasure. 

6 & 7) Hydro-testing & Cryogenic testing

Pressure testing is a non-destructive test performed to ensure the integrity of the pressured equipment. 

We have numerous experience in performing pressure testing for over hundred units of pipeline over the decades. 

We ensure the pipeline is capable of withstanding its rated pressure and is leak free. 

We insist pressure testing is conducted under safe and controlled environment serving the purpose of protecting workers and our visitors.

8 & 9) Packing / boxing & delivery co-ordination

We want your product to arrive it's destination safely and intact. We can provide packing and boxing services for these heavy item and reduce it's chances of damage during transportation. 

We are experience in hosting and rigging procedure and are able to carry out delivery supervision during loading processes.We co-ordinate with truck drivers & crane operators to load products onto truck to secure firmly for the whole delivery journey. 

10) Equipment maintenance & servicing works

Heavy machinery requires constant maintenance to keep it in good working order. We understand that breakdowns are costly and safety is also an important consideration. 

We are well trained in maintenance knowledge, and are capable to conduct repair work for pipeline, valve, flanges, tanks, tubings and any related equipments. 

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