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We know that one of the most basic, but important qualities is fabrication space. More fabrication space means higher fabrication capacity. We have a workshop with a build-up area of approximately 100,000 sq ft. 

We set up our facility and divided it into different work-zone area. We wanted to maximise efficiency by minimizing inteferrance between work processes. We layout our plant in a way that ensure systematic progress of manufacturing flow. 

Our workshop is equiped with required infrastruture along with various kind of tools & equipments from heavy-duty forklift, overhead cranes, machineries, pipe positioners, saws & sawing, rigging & lifting, workbenches and much more. We update & maintain the condition of it all because we understand that having everything-at-hand is crucial to be an out-standing steel & metal fabricator.

Choose us as your perfect fabrication company because ;

1. Quality is easier to maintain in our controlled environment plant. 

2. Prevent delay due to unpredictable weather condition. 

3. Radiography, PMI, MPI, Ultrasonic, Hydro-test and etc can be performed more effective in a more manageable environment. 

4. With the service under strict vigilance of 3rd party inspection agencies, 100% quality standard is committed.

5. Less slag, abrasive dust, smoke and other contaminants compare to site.

6. Reducing field project cost while providing highest quality in the products fabricated. 

An organized & well thought out workshop make work runs smoothly. We aim to create a dynamic shop environment to nurture & foster the quality of your products and boost the success of your projects.

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